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Choosing the Clasp
Choosing the Clasp
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This could be prevented with a bit of forethought. When choosing a clasp, consider:

• How easy is it to open?
• How secure is it?
• How much does it cost?
• How versatile is it? Listed below are four basic pearl clasps along with their advantages and disadvantages
• Push clasp: It is fairly easy to open, even with one hand when it's used on a bracelet. It's also relatively inexpensive. Not as secure as some of the other clasps.
• Fish-hook clasp: A popular clasp because it's inexpensive and secure. It may be silver, gold or gold-plated. But, it can be hard to fasten and undo, especially for someone with arthritis or other hand problems.
• Lobster clasp or lobster claw: an ideal clasp both for pearls and gold chains. Secure, easy to open and relatively inexpensive, it’s not used as frequently for pearls, however, as the fish clasp and push clasp. If you're having pearls strung, you may wish to request this clasp.
• The screw clasp: This clasp can add versatility when it's inserted in pearls to form a hidden or mystery clasp. No matter what type you choose, do not take a necklace or bracelet home without knowing how to fasten and unfasten the clasp. Then try doing it at least two times by you.


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