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Finding a Good Buy
Finding a Good Buy
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2. Compare to some same factors. Some factors, such as type, shape, size, color and blemish quality, affect the cost of pearls. Therefore, when judging prices, compare all of these factors.

3. Be willing to compromise. Even though you have unlimited budgets, you have to compromise sometimes, because a pearl might not be perfect for you due to different size, shape, color or quality.

4. Beware of the sales ads. Some sales ads seem too good to be true. However, the advertised pearls might be of unacceptable quality, especially in terms of nacre thickness.

5. Establish a relationship with a jeweler you can trust.

Learning more about pearls will help you make a choice you can enjoy for a lifetime and will help you appreciate the unique qualities of the pearls you choose. Pearls can be worn anywhere, at any time, with anything. And even though pearls offer all these positive features, you don't have to be rich to own fine-quality pearls. If you are willing to compromise on the type of pearls you choose, you should be able to find good ones to fit almost any budget.

There are some guidelines that can help you to shop for pearls.

1 .Look for luster. Luster is the most important factor of pearls' quality. Compare dull milky pearls to some highly lustrous ones, then you can get some help.

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