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Nacre thickness is less important influence on cultured freshwater pearls than that on saltwater pearls. This is because most freshwater pearls do not have a shell nucleus. And if there is one, the nacre is usually thicker than in Akoya pearls. The fact that freshwater pearls usually have a higher percentage of pearl nacre than saltwater pearls is one of the biggest selling points of freshwater pearls.
Freshwater pearls' price are typically lower than saltwater pearls' but low price do not mean low quality. For example, some $20 strands of Chinese freshwater pearls have a better luster, more orient and a higher percentage of pearl nacre than the majority of cultured saltwater pearls on the market today. Thus, judge pearls according to their luster, color and uniqueness instead of their price tag. You can discover the great variety, beauty and value of freshwater pearls
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