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Pearl Price factors
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Often the effect of nacre thickness on price is linked to that of luster. Thicker nacre usually means higher luster, and both bring higher prices.

The Mikimoto Company thinks nacre thickness is important. One of their advisors, Shigeru Miki, made the following statement in the August 1985 National Geographic article by Fred Ward: "The most important
quality of a cultured pearl is thickness of the nacre. It gives color, luster, and appearance. Pearls are among the softest of all gems, and normal body fluids, as well as contact with perfumes, hair sprays, and acids reduce nacre. A thinly coated pearl won't last many years." Golay Buchel, a company with branches in Europe, North America and the Orient, discusses luster and nacre thickness in its booklet Pearls. They are listed as separate value factors and both are described as important. Golay Buchel's advice to consumers: "Remain flexible with regards to colour, size, shape and light surface markings, but never make concessions regarding the thickness of the coating."
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