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Conventionally, even though freshwater pearls have been harvested in China for many years, most pearls were gathered from saltwater-dwelling oysters (sea-born creature) in the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the coastal waters of India and Japan.

Compared with freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls lean to be more lustrous. As a matter of fact, all saltwater pearls produced today are bead-nucleated. Although natural pearls are still collected in the Persian Gulf, the yield is not big enough to account for any market value.

Culturing saltwater pearls is to pry an oyster open mere 2 to 3 centimeters. Then a technician makes a minute incision on the gonad which is the reproductive organ of the oyster by a special tool. Next, insert a small nucleus into this hole and place a small piece of mantle tissue behind it. In this mantle tissue, there are epithelial cells growing around the nucleus which produces a pearl sac, and this is the place where the pearl grows. This is the process for all saltwater pearls cultured today.

Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls are the three most common types of saltwater pearls.

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