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South Sea Pearls are the rarest of all pearls and typically measure anywhere between 10mm to 20mm in diameter. South Sea Pearls sometimes, signifying any saltwater pearl found in the sea extending from the Philippines and Indonesia down to Australia and across to French Polynesia. Specifically, it refers to large white or yellow pearls cultured in a large oyster found in the South Sea-Pinctada maxima oyster.
They are also called silver-lip or yellow-lip (gold lip) oyster depending on the color of shell lip. South Sea Pearls tend to range from9-19mm.Currently; Indonesia is the most important producer of pearls in 9 to12mm range. The main source of pearls over12mm has been Australia.

Australia was producing up to 75% of the world's supply of mother of pearl, and pearls were just sold as a byproduct. Australia was producing up to 75% of the world‘s supply of mother of pearl, and pearls were just sold as byproduct. The silver-lip (Pinctada maxima) oyster is the main oyster used in Australia to cultivate South Sea pearls. Gold-colored pearls are very popular in recent years and are very rare. Indonesia is the main source of yellow pearls, and is also produced in the Philippines and Thailand.

The price in different shops may puzzle people. At a mall, you saw a large white pearl ring in a jewelry store window for $3000.Then, in another store window, the pearl ring may priced $300.You went in and asked the salesgirl if it was a real pearl. She would lie to you it was and said that it looked very nice on you. At the last moment, you bought it. Now, you are wondering why there was such a large difference in price between the two rings. Can you explain it?

There is a reason. The pearl in the first ring was a South Sea Pearl-cultivated in a South Sea oyster. The pearl you have bought was a 3/4 mabe pearl-an assembled pearl. It may crack very easily .The jeweler should have told you it was an assembled pearl, especially since there is a vast price difference between mabe pearls and whole pearls. Unfortunately, salespeople do not always tell the truth. Some sellers do not know the difference between a mabe pearl and a South Sea pearl .Only a South Sea whole pearl merits the price and the name of "South Sea Pearl".

South Sea pearls are cultivated in a variety of places-Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines,
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