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Versatile Ways to Wear a strand of Pearls
Versatile Ways to Wear a strand of Pearls
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There are no other gems that offer more versatility than pearls. Queen Elizabeth I of England made the most of this feature. She wore yards of them as necklaces hanging down as far her knees. She had them threaded in her wigs, embroidered in her clothing, and set in her crown and other regal jewelry. You can also enjoy the
versatility of pearls. A pair of hinged clasps like the Applaudere.

•   A single strand of adjustable lengths with the clasp in the back.
•   A double strand on one side and single on the other .
•   A double strand choker or princess necklace.
•   A single strand clasped to form one "chain" hanging in the front. An opera-length strand can be worn as a belt in the same manner.
•   A single strand tied or knotted in front to form two "chains" hanging in the front.
•   Double strand in back and triple strand in the front.
•   A single strand looped in the front with a pearl shortener.
•   Double strand in front and single strand in back.
•   Double strand looped together in front.
•   Single strand with a clasp to the side or in the center.
•   Single strand knotted in the front. Dresses with low V-backs can be accented with a rope-length strand tied like this in the back.
•   Double strand twisted and clasped in the back.
•   Double strand with a loop hanging in the front like a pendant.
•   Double or single strand with a pearl enhancer(detachable pendant).
•   A closed double strand joined in the front with a solid surface pin.
•   Multi-strand bracelet.
•   Wrapped in the hair around a chignon or ponytail.
•   Attached to the side with a pin and hanging asymmetrically.
•   Pinned across a V-back dress or sweater

Other options are possible with longer or multi-piece necklaces.
•   Attached to the shoulders of a dress.
•   Wrapped around a hat.
•   Looped through button-holes or openings in clothing These are only some of the ways pearls can be worn. Use your imagination and you'll discover many more.   
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